Volunteer Sign-Up

Volunteer Sign-Up (legibility is important)

Name  ___________________________________________Date____________

Address  ____________________City_______________State__Zip___________

E-Mail ___________________

Phone:  days _______________evenings _______________cell______________ 

Check those applicable:  

 ___  I am a child or youth  ____ years old who would like to help. 

I will support our Habitat for Humanity affiliate by doing the following:

___  I will pray for our workers, the Partner Families, and for Habitat for Humanity. 

___  I will represent HFH for my church or civic group ____________________

 ___  I will make the weekly rounds to pick up donated aluminum cans. 

 ___  I will work on publicity or developing, reporting, and publishing the newsletter. 

___  I will supply Access Database expertise. 

___  I will make phone calls, send out reminders, help with bulk mailings. 

___  I will help the fund raising committee with their projects. 

___  I will help the affiliate provide support services to the Partner Family. 

___  I will help with construction.  Please list specialties at the bottom or on the back. 

___  I will be responsible for a short morning devotional at the construction site. 

 ___  I will provide childcare for the Partner Family during their sweat equity work. 

 ___  I will provide first aid at the construction site. 

___  I will help with landscaping:  dirt, plants, rocks, site clean-up, etc. 

 ___  I will haul loads of dirt to the construction site. 

___  I would like to do something not mentioned above _______________________

Please print this page & mail to:

Habitat for Humanity, PO Box 66, Harrodsburg, KY 40330