Sweat Equity

Policies on Sweat Equity

The following are the HFH Mercer County policies on Sweat Equity:

A family with two adults (18 years of age or older at time of selection) shall earn 500 hours sweat equity.

A family with one adult (18 years of age or older at time of selection) shall earn 250 hours sweat equity.

The sweat equity should be at least 50% at the construction site (This includes cleanup and yard work).

Adults from a partner family’s Church or other family members and friends may work on the construction site towards the partner family’s sweat equity.  NOTE: Up to 50% of the family’s sweat equity can be earned by the partner family’s Church, friends, or other family members outside of the immediate partner family.  Under extenuating circumstances, e.g., a family with physical disabilities, a larger percentage can be allowed if approved by the BOD.

In addition to working at the construction site of their own home or the home of another HFH Mercer County partner family, sweat equity is earned by the following:

Time spent with promoting HFH Mercer County and its activities at HFH benefits, local events, booths, mailings, writing newsletter articles, and providing informational handouts.

Time spent with financial/budget counselor, extension office programs, maintenance training at Lowes and at the construction site, and any authorized homework.

Time spent supporting HFH Mercer County affiliates such as United Way, HFH Boyle County, and the Christian Life Center as approved by the Nurture Person.

Other means of earning sweat equity can be considered and approved by the BOD.

All sweat equity shall be earned before house closing.