Application Requirements

Family Selection and Support Services


The Construction Committee will tell the Board of Directors (BOD) that the selection for a new family partner should begin as construction is scheduled to break ground within six months.

The BOD will vote for the Family Selection and Support Committee to begin the process of selecting a new partner family.

NOTE:  HFH Mercer County does not keep a waiting list for inquiring families and informs interested families to watch for the application process meeting announcements.

Family Selection

The Family Selection Subcommittee shall:

Ensure adequate committee members to perform the selection process and appoint additional committee members if needed.

Update income requirements to reflect 30-60% of the area’s median income.  These numbers are obtained from the HUD website.

Review Mercer County data on families that typically qualify such as single parent families, two-parent families, senior citizens, physically disabled, etc. and determine how to reach out to these groups through advertisements and personal contacts.

Review application forms and other handout materials to be used for recruitment and make any appropriate changes to finalize the forms and materials prior to the application meetings.

Application Meetings

Develop an outline or slide presentation that will be followed during the application meetings to ensure all information is covered during the meetings.

Obtain dates and locations for at least two application informational meetings and one application review meeting which provide information and assistance to the potential partner families in completing the application process.

NOTE:  The meetings should be held in public places that have easy access for potential partner families.  Priority should be given to holding meetings in either the Mercer County Public Library or the Mercer County Extension Office.

Develop flyers to distribute to public buildings; notify Mercer County churches and agencies that serve clientele that typically meet HFH qualifications; update web page and Facebook; and provide press releases to local print media, the cable TV service, and radio stations.

Notify person answering the affiliate phone that recruitment is underway and increased number of calls for recruitment information should be expected.

Notify the Interagency Committee and provide flyers.

NOTE:  The Selection Announcement is open for a maximum of six weeks.

Application Review and Family Selection

Review completed applications and determine those that meet the following basic criteria:

  • The need for adequate shelter
  • The ability to pay back a Habitat loan
  • The willingness to partner

In more detail, the potential partner family shall have the following:

  • Steady income within  pre-determined guidelines and able to make monthly payments
  • Need for safe, clean housing
  • Desire to partner with HFH Mercer County in completing sweat equity
  • All members of the immediate family are legal residents of the United States of America

NOTE:  Preference is given to families residing in Mercer County over those from other areas.  Habitat for Humanity is an Equal Opportunity Lender.

For those potential partner families meeting the above requirements, set up home visits to perform the following:

NOTE:  At least two committee members shall go on home visits.

  • Determine housing needs for the family
  • Review financial records and credit rating report to ensure full understanding
  • Explain the requirements of a partner family
  • Sweat equity requirements

NOTE:  50% or more sweat equity must be performed on constructing the house.  (This includes cleanup and yard work.)

  •  Financial/budget counseling requirements
  • Educational sessions on the care of the home
  • Inform family that criminal and sex offender checks will be performed

NOTE: It is our policy that criminal background checks be conducted on all adult members (18 years of age or older) of the applicant’s household.  In addition, an inquiry will be conducted through the Sexual Offender Database